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Axial Flow RX-8 Short Shifter

R3 Axial Flow Shifter Install guide


The shifter is delivered with a kit having two plates, 4 screws, 2 dowels and a plastic rod.
The small plate and plastic rod are installation tools only.

Remove the console top as the S1, refer to the S1 if need be, but it is self explanitory. There are two new things to add. To remove the shiftboot just yank on the boot to remove. We've been doing it this way for years now and have better results at not breaking the tab than the old way. Removing the wire clips has been the hardest part of getting things apart. Now we've started just using a 90 degree bent needlenose under the clip and prying it up and off. Works fine, you can put it back on or not.

Remove the stock gate by taking the three bolts out, and lifting the shifter. Be sure it is in nutral with the brake on. Next remove the 4 12mm bolts that hold the shift tower to the trans. You might want to let it cool down before this.
You will not be able to remove the casting without a puller. This s due to the dowel pins. Here is where the little plate and plastic rod come in. Drop the rod into the place where the shifter was, then bolt the little plate where the shifter lockdown used to go. This will snap the casting off. It doesn't take nuch pressure here. Remove the plastic rod from the trans.

Turning the casting over on a bench you will remove the existing dowel pins. You can do this with a vice grip pliers by holding the pin and twisting. A screwdriver under the pliers sometimes helps. Install the new pins provided by tapping them in. Be sure they are tight, if not centerpunch on each side of the pin.

Clean the surfaces with some sort of thinner or acitone. Use a small (1/8 inch) bead of high temp RTV on both the trans and the tower. Place the spacer plate on the trans and then the tower. Using the dowel pins to align things up it only goes one way.

Use the 4 new bolts (13mm) to hold the casting down. You will find that a 13mm wigely socket helpfull here. 1/4 or 3/8 drive. 

Put some greese on the sphere pivot of the stick. Don't worry about the lower bearing as it will sit in oil. If you are not in gear the lower bushing should be level and you can drop the shifter right in. Be sure the upper bearing sleeve has the two notches over the pins. It will not seat otherwise. Everything should drop in without force.

Now bolt the stock gate back on using the old bolts. Test that you can get all gears. Then you can replace all the stock parts on top.

If you have any problems Email me direct with your feedback. rap@axialflow.com
I would like comments from the first few users to find any problems that may exist.







Q: What tools and experience are required?
A: Simple tools allow installation on your driveway

Install Instructions
Q: Does it work for a 5 speed?
A: Unfortunately only 6 speed owners can benefit from this simple mod. From January 2012 the Series 2 shifter will be released for the RX8 R3 and the MX5

Q: What about the Axial Flow guarantee?
A: Richard Paul guarantees his Axial Flow shifters for a lifetime, so if any issues arrive, all you need to do is cover the shipping for it to be returned and replace or repaired.



Axial Flow 6 speed shifter

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Axial Flow 6 speed shifter - R3 & MX5

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