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Lightweight racing wheels will improve your car in every way

Mazda's "Gram Strategy" of weight saving is part of its real 'zoom zoom' mentality. As Colin Chapman of Lotus fame said, "To add speed, add lightness". Pettit Racing are great believers in weight saving and we have teamed up with OZ Racing to provide their motorsport developed and focussed range of alloy wheels.

Rotational weight (i.e. weight that is actually being turned by the engine directly) is even more important than 'normal weight'; some say up to 10 times more important. Rotational weight can be saved via a Pettit lightweight flywheel for example, but a lot more is saved through the use of OZs lightweight racing wheels.

OZ Ultraleggera (Crystal Titanium finish)                             OZ Alleggerita HLT (Matt Red finish)

Not only do they look great but the wheels we recommend for the RX8, the OZ Ultraleggera, or OZ Alleggerita can save a hefty few kilos over what are already great lightweight OEM 18 inch alloys.

The Ultraleggera comes in at 8kg a corner, some 2kgs lighter than OEM, while the Alleggerita is even lighter at around 7.7kg for an 18 x 8 wheel. Going on the most extreme valuation of rotational weight, the  9.2kg saved by mounting Alleggeritas could equate to upto 92kg saved elsewhere!!

The benefits of such savings are enormous, from better acceleration and turn in to improved suspension response (as it has less weight to control bouncing up and down) to better braking and improved cooling (as it has less mass to stop rotating, and the slim spokes allow great airflow). As you can see, investing in quality racing wheels can be like upgrading many of the key systems on your car.

OZ Leggera HLT (NEW!)                                                                         Sparco Assetto Gara


For the best combination of cost and lightweight style we recommend the OZ Ultraleggeras, but OZ Racing also manufacture the Sparco range of wheels, and the Sparco Assetto Gara comes in at a nice lightweight 9KG saving a kilo over stock RX8 wheels, and can be had a very attractive price.

For an affordable track option, why not get a set of "style alloys" and equip your OEM wheels with some track focused semi slicks. This will save your road tyres from the battering they can take on track, and improve your lap times too, as well as giving your car a fresh look on the road.  You can also think about using your OEM wheels as winter wheels with winter tyres for better safty in cold conditions.

RX8 OZ Ultraleggera 18 and 20 inch wheels

Two Pettit Racing UK OZ equipped cars - 18" Ultraleggera in Crystal Titanium and 20" Matt Graphite

Lightweight wheel Benefits:

  • Reduce load on engine, giving better performance
  • Reduce load on suspension, giving improved handling
  • Reduce load on brakes giving better stopping and fade resistance
  • Improves flow of cool air over brakes aiding in cooling
  • Spare wheel set gives you the option of using winter tyres, or track semi slicks

Obviously OZ Racing & Sparco are adding new wheels all the time and have a much larger range than we can cover here. We are just showing the "lightweight highlights" that suit the RX8. Contact us for more information and the full range of wheel options.






Q: What tools and experience are required?
A: The wheels come with all needed to fit. We can supply new tyres or swap on your orld tyres. If you are ordering just the alloys for delivery, then we recommend fitting tyres at a professional tyre fitter.

Q: Lots of people make wheels, why OZ Racing?
A: OZ, like Pettit, are producers of quality, race bred products.

With wins in Formula1, WRC and many other forms of motorsport, OZ make products you can rely on to help you win.

Light AND strong, you can find out more about OZs quality committment here.

Q: What about tyres?
A: Tyres join you to the road or track. Pettit recommend getting the best possible tyres for your car. We recommend quality manufacturers such as Yokohama or Goodyear. For track use, why not invest in track focussed tyres such as the Yokohama AO48 or NEOVA.

18x 8 wheels can fit a wider 245/40/18 for better grip and braking all round  (225/45/18 is OEM fitment and offers better handling and lighter weight.... choose which you prefer)

Q: What about a staggered fitment?
A: We can offer a staggered setup, with a 9 inch rear, but only recommend it either if you are FI with more power than a 245 can handle or you simply like the look of a wider rear (and who doesn't!).

An NA RX8 on 245/40s or 225/45s handles fantastically.


OZ Ultraleggera  (x4) 18"

£1,369 inc VAT *

OZ Allegerita (Titanium Tech)           (x4)

18 x 8 ET+48

£1,619 inc VAT *

OZ Alleggerita Custom Colours / wheel

£93 inc VAT *

OZ Leggera HLT (x4) 18"

£1,429 inc VAT *

Sparco Assetto Gara (x4) 18"

£750 inc VAT *

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* Fitting & shipping charged as extra. Prices subject to change and some items may be limited to stock on hand. Tyres in particular can affect cost, dependant on size and brand selected.

Whilst every effort is made to display prices as accurately as possible, Pettit UK reserves the right to refuse to honour any price that has been displayed in error.


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