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Pettit Racing Differential Mounts

Launch hard and keep on launching with new Dif mounts

The OEM Mazda liquid cored differential mounts are prone to both failure and unwanted movement, which causes excessive driveline power loss.

Pettit solve this with our rugged solid diff mounts, available in 2 versions:                                                        

80 Durometer street use mounts

95 Durometer mounts for race applications

Affordable and easy to install, its a simple mod that will enhance your ability to launch your car hard, and give you another little performance edge.


- Reduce power loss
- Improve launch
- Improves reliability.

NB - Not compatable with 2009 R3 RX8s







Q: What tools and experience are required?
A: Simple tools allow installation but a lift ramp will be needed for an easy install

Q: Are the mounts the same for an RX8 and an RX7?
A: Unfortunately there is a slight diference in size, so make sure you specify which you want!



Pettit Racing Street Differntial Mount    (80 Durometer)

£118 +VAT *

Pettit Racing Race Differntial Mount    (95 Durometer)

£118 +VAT *

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* Fitting & shipping charged as extra. Prices subject to change and some items may be limited to stock on hand.

Whilst every effort is made to display prices as accurately as possible, Pettit UK reserves the right to refuse to honour any price that has been displayed in error.


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