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Axial Flow RX-8 Short Shifter

Never Miss a Shift Again, with the Axial flow short shifter

If you like the stock shifter - don't buy it. However if you find yourself missing shifts when driving hard, especially the 2nd to 3rd shift, then the Axial Flow will not let you down.

Affordable and easy to install, its a simple mod that will enhance your drive every day.

This shifter is best explained by the Axial Flow website (see below)

"The Axialflow Engineering Shifter is the best made anywhere by anyone. Typical construction is 303 stainless steel shafts, machined in house on our modern CNC equipment. Attached components are of like materials. Polymer parts are typically CNC machined from DuPont Delrin, an engineering polymer. Pivot pins are hardened to 60 on the Rockwell C scale. The engineering is aimed at optimizing the geometry for the shortest shift practical for road driving. We concentrate on "feel" or "quality" of the movement. Typically there is a reduction in the height of the knob for a better ergonomic relationship with the driver. The factory has to make compromises for the driver who is really not the sports type. We cater to the small segment who are looking for a real relationship with their car. It is hard to express the accuracy of placement and if you track your car this means better times. All Axialflow Shifters are warranted for the life of the car to the original buyer. If it ever wears or fails we will fix or replace it free, no questions asked. All you pay is the S&H, same as when you bought it. While we can't express the feeling, our customers can. "


  • Reduce gear stick throw by 29% (compared to stock).
  • Reduces the time it takes you to change gears, improving your driving performance.
  • Improves "feel" of the gearbox, reducing the chance of missed shifts.





Q: What tools and experience are required?
A: Simple tools allow installation on your driveway

Install Instructions

R3 Shifter Install Guide
Q: Does it work for a 5 speed?
A: Unfortunately only 6 speed owners can benefit from this simple mod. From January 2012 the Series 2 shifter will be released for the RX8 R3 and the MX5

Q: What about the Axial Flow guarantee?
A: Richard Paul guarantees his Axial Flow shifters for a lifetime, so if any issues arrive, all you need to do is cover the shipping for it to be returned and replace or repaired.



Axial Flow 6 speed shifter

£219 +VAT *

Axial Flow 6 speed shifter - R3 & MX5


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