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Horse Power:

Our standard street port improves efficiency and flow with out major changes in port timing, benefits are better fuel economy as well as more power delivered through all the rpm ranges and boost levels.

Our standard 13btt street port engine, when properly tuned maintaining a charge temperature <125F @ 16 - 20 psi/boost with a 1:1 - 1:1.25 backpressure ratio is capable of producing 200 hp / rotor. On a two-rotor engine this is 400 hp, sure these engines will make more power but then other factors like material strength and management errors become more critical and these variables can lead to unexpected failures.

Engine Longevity:

Engine Life is totally dependent on proper care.  The best longevity is achieved by following our recommendations page, basically warm it up easy, keep the oil clean, use Protek-R  fuel lube, and good quality fuel are the basics, many of our engines are running over 10 years on and still performing well. 

Monster Ports

Extra large and monster ports (common with older naturally aspirated and drag race engines) can compromise reliability. Since the seals, both apex and side, pass over larger openings, this allows more seal flex to occur resulting in accelerated seal wear as well as greater possibility for catastrophic failures.  All this should be especially evident when most conversations about turbo rotary engines include mention of seal failures.

Build your Engine:

Due to a shortage of engine core parts the best and most cost effective method for obtaining a Pettit Built Engine is to ship us your old engine, once here we dissemble it, inspect it and call you with our findings and pricing. In most cases the old parts tell a story and can help us understand what caused your engine to fail, this can help you to avoid that in the future.

Stock Engine Dyno at 229 HP

Stock Engine Dyno with Pettit TKT pack at 268 HP

Pettit Engine with TKT Pack but stock ECU at 304 HP

Pettit Engine with Pettit TKT pack and Pettit ECU at  333HP



  other pettit rx7 options

Team a Pettit Engine with other Pettit Performance parts for optimum 'Zoom' - See Dynos below for illustration:

  • Team a Pettit Engine with Pettit Blueprinted Turbos

  • Add a Pettit ECU

  • A Pettit 'Cool Charge' intercooler system keeps your engine cool, and a cool rotary is a happy rotary

  • Pettit 'Cool Power' pack

  • Pettit TKT packs

  • Pettit Ported Lower Intake Manifolds

  • Pettit AST tank

  • Pettit Boost Controller

If it helps keep your RX7 running fast and happy then there is a good chance Pettit make it. Just ASK because we are here to help....




Pettit Racing Built Engine - RX7

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