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Pettit Racing UK's All Natural Power (ANP)

a simple & effective upgrade to improve power, reliability and longevity

While the Pettit supercharger is the way to go for those wanting to push out over 300 horsepower, we know many people out there want more power but with less effort. Pettit’s ANP technology “All Natural Power” is a simple and effective upgrade that not only provides the best bang per buck in the industry but also improves reliability and longevity of the Renesis engine.

With over two years of R&D and testing on both the road and track, our ANP Tuner Package routinely provides 12-14% more power and torque as well as improved efficiency and overall performance, making RX8’s smoother, quicker and more fun to drive.

By combining ANP technology with some simple techniques that provide RX-8 owners with the knowledge of how best to use & enjoy, as well as properly care for their Renesis engine, owners can expect silk smooth and very reliable performance for many years of driving fun. Our simple, common sense guide is included in print with the ANP Tuner instructions.

The EFI Dude Logger device, is used to upload our recal file and also can be used to log/record over 2 hours of data at 5 samples per second recording all vital engine functions including speed, temperature, throttle position, RPM, air fuel, lambda, fuel trims, mass airflow and more. The logged data is easily downloaded and analyzed with the included software. Download the software at www.efidude.com.

The MAF (mass airflow) is measured and recorded in grams per second, this data relates directly to the engines condition/ efficiency and performance level, thus hp gains and losses can easily be determined. It’s like having your own mini dyno. You can also print and/or email the recorded data for review and/or comparisons with other enthusiasts and club/forum members. Learn more here.

The device also makes for quick diagnosis of both consistent and inconsistent problems; they are easily identified in the logged data making repairs simple and easy.

Another benefit from this technology is to use the logging device to record data from track events, autocrosses, rallies, etc. From this you get the max values for temps, revs, MAF, speed etc. as well as corner entry speeds and shift points; it’s like having an onboard data acquisition system.

If you already own a cat back system, this is an absolute MUST buy for you!

For 190 5 speed owners, the ANP remap can increase your rev limit for sportier driving.                            Why get stuck at 7,500!

Currently NOT compatible with 2009 R3 series cars. We are working on it though.




ANP Tuner Package includes:

  • PCM-AN Recal via EFI Dude device

  • Pettit Modular Exhaust System (all Stainless Steel). Either catback or full system (resonated cat or racepipe)

  • OR Racing Beat cat back system

  • K&N or HKS hi flow air filter element

  • These elements can be bought separately for those who already have cat back exhausts etc.

  • Upgrade your ANP pack with a high flow cat or race-pipe


ANP Package (base Pettit pack only)

£1,004 + VAT *

ANP recal kit **

£350  OR


Pettit Racing / Racing Beat catback

£599 + VAT *

K&N High Flow Panel Filter      

£55 + VAT *

HKS Super Hybrid Panel Filter

£46.75 + VAT*

Pettit Racing Resonated Hi Flow Cat #

£670 + VAT *

Pettit Racing Resonated Racepipe #

£220 + VAT *

Pettit Racing non resonated hi flow cat    

£419 + VAT *

Buy from Pettit Racing here


# only works as part of the Pettit Racing Modular Exhaust system

** £350 if purchased with Pettit catback system

** £390 if used with other hardware

* Fitting & shipping charged as extra. Prices subject to change and some items may be limited to stock on hand.

Whilst every effort is made to display prices as accurately as possible, Pettit UK reserves the right to refuse to honour any price that has been displayed in error.

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