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Pettit Racing Big Brake Upgrade, Stage III

Not Currently Available !

If you want to take your brakes to another level, Pettit Racing deliver our new Big Brake upgrade.

We believe it is the best front brake kit available out there for the 8, in terms of price and performance.

Featuring huge 356mm discs, (which still fit the OEM 18inch alloys) and a powerful 4 pot caliper, the kit offers and increase of 25% brake area. Braided brake lines give heat resistance and constant pedal firmness, with improved pads giving better longevity and bite. The aluminium centre bell reduces weight, and the package also give you a knockout visual punch! In striking yellow, but also available in Red, Blue and Black, or for the more adventurous, ANY custom colour of your choice!

The massive increase in brake size and power is balanced by a total weight of LESS than the OEM brake system, essential for such key parts.

Pettit only provide the best and we have teamed up with Caparo, makers of the Caparo F1 super car, and brake providers to Aston Martin and Volkswagen among others to ensure superior quality and superior performance.

(Above: The Caparo F1)

Never take risks with your tyres and never take a chance with your brakes!

Fit the best, and that means fit Pettit.






  brake upgrade options


Other options available:




PRICE (Note this is an INTRODUCTORY offer)

Pettit Big Brake kit (front only)


Blue, Red, Black colour option


Any RAL colour ++


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* Fitting & shipping charged as extra. Prices subject to change and some items may be limited to stock on hand.

++ RAL Colour must be verified as an available colour. Other colours may also be available at a custom price. All optional colours will be a special order, witha small lead time before delivery.

Whilst every effort is made to display prices as accurately as possible, Pettit UK reserves the right to refuse to honour any price that has been displayed in error.

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