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HKS CAMP 2 Electronic Gauge System (Discontinued)

CAMP3 to launch early in 2013 - Stay tuned.

The HKS CAMP 2 electronic gauge system is available for RX8s. Working with either OEM satnav or a video screen for those with after market head units, Pettit & HKS move gauges into the 21st Century.

The CAMP 2 system taps into the RX8's OBDII (On Board Diagnostics) port to access the array of sensors the car has on board and can show the information in a variety of ways, which the user can define. If the information supplied by the OBD port isn't enough for the user, the CAMP 2 can interface with external sensors via the I/F expansion pack, allowing external sensors to monitor variables such as boost, oil temperature, oil pressure, external temperature etc and also display the information on the screen.

Camp2 Screens
As well as live gauges, the CAMP system can be used to log up to 10 minutes of data - good for circuit / lap analysis or short test runs or can be used to keep track of travel, showing distance covered, average speed and fuel economy, allowing the best routes to be calculated for common journeys or commutes.

Camp2 Gauge System for the Maza RX8With selectable colour and seamless switching between your sat nav display and the HKS gauge displays, Pettit Racing's gauge install is the ultimate in stealth. A wealth of information with absolutely no ugly intrusion into your cabin space. The only visible component is the small remote receiver and even this can be placed wherever the user desires. If a clean cockpit is your aim, then Pettit Racing & CAMP is the answer.

The Pettit Racing RX8 custom install kit comes with an adaptor interface which allows the CAMP system to access the RX8 OEM satnav screen. For those with aftermarket head units with a screen that can accept S-Video feeds, then all that is required is the base CAMP system (+ any extra sensors required)


short video


Check out a short video of the CAMP system in an RX8 in action:



PRICE - CAMP 2 discontinued BY HKS

CAMP 3 System should launch early 2013


Custom RX8 CAMP 2 base system

Not Available*

CAMP 2 Base System

(for aftermarket screens inc S-video in)

Not Available *

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I/F interface & cable (required)

£73 + VAT *

Boost sensor

£97 + VAT *

Temp sensor

£54 + VAT *

Pressure sensor

£115 + VAT *

EGT Sensor (Exhaust Gas Temp)

£115 + VAT *

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