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Pettit Racing UK RX8 - Mk1Demo Car

the development of the Pettit Racing UK Mk1 Demo Car - the UK's first Pettit Racing supercharged RX8

Someone couldn't wait to buy a Pettit supercharged RX8, and snapped up the demo car, but we will keep the images here for everyone to see.:

Keep in touch with Pettit, and stay tuned for a new demo car or more development pics here.

  • Performance mods: Pettit Stage II supercharger, Greddy SP 2 catback exhaust, Pettit Stage II brake upgrade.

  • Appearance mods: 19 inch TSW Nogaro wheels + Yokohama Advan Sport tyres (245 / 265 staggered), tinted windows and rear lights,eyelids

Browse through the thumbnail panels and click on each image to enlarge and begin a slide show.

  • Up She Goes
  • OEM Brakes
  • OEM Exhaust Backbox
  • OEM Exhaust
  • OEM Brakelines
  • OEM Brake Closeup
  • Pettit Stage 2 Kit Installed
  • Greddy Install In Action
  • Greddy Installed
  • Greddy Back Boxes
  • Greddy Fills A Hole!
  • Engine Bay Strip Down 2
  • Nose Removed
  • Stripped Bay
  • Stripped Closeup
  • Original Coil Placement
  • Wiring Loom
  • Split Loom
  • Pointy Loom
  • Blower Stud Mount + Oil Fill Move Fitted
  • Blower Crank Pulley Fitted
  • Upper Intake Manifold Fitted
  • Main Body Fitted
  • Pulley Array
  • Scorched Coil Base
  • Scorched Coil Mount Bracket
  • Coils & Throttle Body
  • Front Bay
  • Pettit Intake & Coils Underneath
  • Oil Fill RHD
  • Trimar Demo Engine Bay
  • Trimar Demo
  • Pettit UK Cars
  • No Rears
  • Sideview With Lights
  • New Yokohama Advan Sports Tyres Arrive
  • Fitting Advans To TSW Nogaro 19 Inch Staggered Wheels
  • Tyres Fited
  • Staggered Rears On 265 Rubber
  • Advans And Greddy Exhaust
  • Eyelids Added
  • Quarter
  • Side
  • At Bedford Autodrome For Track Testing



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