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EFIdude ProLogger

The EFIdude OBDII prologger system for the RX8                                  simple hassle free data logging for your RX8

EFidude ProLoggerTaking a variety of information from the cars On Board Diagnostic port (OBDii), the logger plugs in under the steering wheel for un-intrusive logging with a 2 hour capacity. After your run simply unplug the dude and plug into your computer via the provided USB cable. The efidude software is free and constantly updated via EFIdude.com and with it you can display a variety of parameters, including Long Term Fuel Trims (LTFT), engine temperatures, load, speed, RPMs, and throttle position, as well as MAF (Mass Air Flow) data, timing and Air/Fuel info.

With such a useful selection, the dude is great for monitoring your car's performance, whether running temperatures or 0-60 times! As such it’s also great for track enthusiasts who want to keep tabs on either their cooling, or their lap times.

EFIdude graph - regular
It is especially recommended for those running after market piggyback ECUs as a quick and easy way to keep an eye on your A/F and LTFT. You can also export your data and send it by email to your tuner, who can download the software for free and fine tune / analyse your setup for you based on the data you send them, rather than only when they have your car and you are paying for their time.

EFIdude graph - supercharged

You can use the Efidude logger as a mini dyno, as MAF data (grams / second air flow) is basically roughly equivalent to flywheel horsepower on a 1 to 1 basis (i.e. 1g/s = 1hp). This is not accurate but is a very good guide. As you can see from the above examples a typical NA 230 RX8 reaches about 206 g/s at 8,600 RPM, whereas a Pettit supercharged one has hit 294 by 7,400 RPM

EFIdude ProLogger

system requirements

EFIdude is currently optimised for Windows XP systems only.

It has been used successfully on Vista systems, but other O/S users should download the software from the EFIdude site to test functionality.

Here are two example files for you to use; the first normally aspirated and the second supercharged.


transform Your EFIdude from a data logger into a reflash device

Visit the All Natural Power (ANP) page for more details.



EFIDude ProLogger -

(look out for ANP upgrade)

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