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What You Need to Keep Your Rotary Running Smoothly

Pettit Racing believe that improving your car should always be prefaced by making your car run perfectly as the day it was new. To help keep it that way we recommend a few simple tips.

  • Keep checking your oil, use good quality oil, and change it regularly.

  • Make sure you complement the oil with Protek-R fuel based lubricant

  • Make sure you keep your tyres correctly inflated, and use ONLY good quality tyres. What joins you to the road is in many ways the most important component of your car! When they are worn replace them, and if conditions demand it, use winter tyres as well. Pettit Racing UK can recommend Yokohama Advan Sports tyres.

  • Common items that often need changing are the coil packs, HT leads and spark plugs.

  • Failing coil packs, or fouled plugs can lead to inneficient burning of fuel, which can lead to engine problems, or even a ruined catalytic converter. Proper maintenance and regular changes are cost effective preventative cures, and should keep your car running smooth and strong.


Below (right) is an example of a heavily used RX8 coil pack showing scorch marks on its base. This can often be apparent even on cars with lowish mileage. (The one pictured had only 29,000 miles)                                                                 Scorched coil base                               





Pettit Racing UK also offers a range of other options:


Coil Packs (set of 4)

£268 + VAT *

Spark Plugs (set of 4)

£110 + VAT *

Magnecor 8.5mm HT Leads

£53 + VAT *

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* Fitting & shipping charged as extra. Prices subject to change and some items may be limited to stock on hand.

Whilst every effort is made to display prices as accurately as possible, Pettit UK reserves the right to refuse to honour any price that has been displayed in error.


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