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Pettit Racing RX8 Compressor System


Pettit’s twin screw supercharger system for the RX8 gives the car the power and torque boost that propel it into the ’perfect sports car’ range. 300+ HP means better acceleration, more flexibility in the gears and more power on the straights and uphill. Your RX8 will become the car you always dreamed it could be. Easy to install, reliable and managed by the RX8’s on board PCM, Pettit’s supercharger targets the RX8’s only real short coming and brings the power levels up to match its handling and braking abilities.

The kit is designed as the perfect match for a standard car, and no other systems require upgrading. Just plug and play for REAL Zoom Zoom motoring!

Pettit Racing SuperchargerFor those hungry for even more power, an up-rated Stage III kit will also be released. (It will be possible to upgrade from a stage II system to a stage III system easily). The stage III kit comprises uprated fuel injectors and higher boost pulley (to about 12psi), but should be accompanied by supporting modifications of other systems dependant on the aims of the car.


Over two years of R&D with RX8s has resulted in several new products; to date we have logged over 45,000 miles and analyzed 400+ dyno runs. New RX8 products are still being developed. At Pettit R&D is ongoing and relentless; it makes our products #1.  In the UK alone our 2 Pettit supercharged cars have run over 15,000 miles, including track and auto cross days.


We chose Lysholm because it is one of the most efficient twin-screw compressors on the market today. Made by the Opcon Group in Sweden, its advanced design provides a reduction in parasitic loss and charge temperature, which makes it more efficient than roots or centrifugal units.

Pettit Racing Supercharger Components


The Pettit developed reflash system utilises the RX8’s original PCM (Powertrain Control Module, also known as the ECU or Engine Control Unit) and gives it the information required to safely use the supercharger whilst maintaining all of the factory systems. Improved cooling is also made available. The same technology now power our ANP 'All Natural Power' kits.


A Pump and Reservoir, with 2 Hi Efficiency Heat Exchangers provide a simple and effective system for maximum charge cooling which is suitable for use with most liquid intercoolers. The Charge Chiller System is included with our RX8 Supercharger System.


Our Liquid Cool Charge System utilizes a very efficient liquid core built to Pettit specs. The simple design utilizes internally finned extruded tubes oven brazed to the headers. This design has proven to be the most efficient for this application.

Pettit Racing Supercharger Installed

Pettit Racing Billet Aluminium Bypass Valve

Pettit’s billet aluminium bypass valve is now standard with the kit. Machined from billet aluminium and anodised black for better looks this bypass valve allows faster transitions to full boost and can cope with higher boost pressures. It provides worry free motoring as it has no diaphragm which can fail, and is guaranteed for its lifetime. Great for use in RX7s, we can provide a full RX7 mounting kit.




  • 80-100 additional horsepower & +45-70 lb-ft torque with only 5-8 psi boost.

  • Superb drivability and overall performance

  • Reliable and easy to maintain.

  • Allows for a simple D.I.Y. installation, with clear instructions.

  • Uses only the highest quality components.

  • Fits all models, 230 Hi Power and 190.

  • LOWLIGHT- Currently UNAVAILABLE - 8(


Stage II:
Intercooled, producing at wheel 280-290 hp @8500 and 185 lb/ft torque @ 5500 with 7- 8 psi boost, this translates to 180 lb/ft of torque by 3500 RPM.

Stage III:
Hi Boost, (available on customer request). Will require further component uprating, e.g. fuel system. Operates at 12 psi boost.


Stage II Kit (inc billet valve)


£5,200 + VAT *
Fit  £950 + VAT

Pettit Billet Bypass Valve (now standard)

£120 + VAT *

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* Fitting & shipping charged as extra. Prices subject to change and some items may be limited to stock on hand.

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