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Cusco Zero I & Zero II Coilover Suspension

Our #1 choice for top quality and all out suspension performance

Cusco Zero II Coilover Suspension for the Mazda RX8
Pettit's Cusco Zero-II (pillow ball or urethane) coil over suspension for the RX8 is our #1 choice for top quality and all out suspension performance. Cusco’s name is not bettered in the world of performance suspension. Fully and easily adjustable with 5 settings for damping and fully ride height adjustable, they are the perfect coilovers for someone wanting to maintain the RX8’s factory designed long stroke suspension yet have the ability to drop and stiffen up for track day use.

Normally available with pillowball mounts, Pettit recommend the Urethane mounts for normal street use, as the pillowballs will wear quicker and can transmit unwanted road harmonics and make noise, in fact, if you’re on the street at all urethane is usually a better choice, delivering a smooth quiet ride with nearly as good performance and often better than a worn pillow ball type.


Cusco Zero I Coilover Suspension

A lower price alternative to the Cusco Zero II Coilover Suspension. Not compatible with the Econ controller, also slightly less adjustable, the Zero I coilover still brings Cusco’s supreme build quality to a fantastic coilover.

Identical to the Zero II aside from adjustable shock absorbers, they can in fact be upgraded to the Zero II spec at a later date, if required.

For those happy to “fit and forget” the Zero 1 is a great option.


Cusco ECOn electronic damping control

Cusco ECON



The Zero IIs are compatible with Cusco ECON electronic damping control, where the damping settings can be controlled from the comfort of your drivers chair



  suspension options

Pettit Racing UK also offers a range of other suspension upgrade options. Click below for further details:


Cusco Zero II Coilover Suspension

£1,475 + VAT*

Cusco Zero I Coilover Suspension

£1,200+ VAT*

ECON control

£399 + VAT*

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