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RX7 - FC / FD / TKT!

Pettit’s worldwide reputation for success and performance was earned with many years work on Mazda’s iconic RX7. 

Pettit Racing RX7(Above: A Pettit prepared track RX7 FD created for Mazda of Belgium)


Starting with the FC, and with top flight GT and drag racing success with the FD, Pettit honed our rotary credentials, and developed products and technology custom made for the RX7.

Pettit Racing created the 'TKT' (Turn Key Terror!) range of off the shelf RX7s, which culminated in the legendary Pettit produced “Banzai Edition” RX7 specials. 200 MPH capable monsters with 20b 3 rotor engines tuned to around 500 HP and fully specced from the ground up by Pettit, the Banzai was the ultimate "off the shelf" and on the road RX7.

(Above: Pettit TKT 'Banzai' 3 rotor RX7 FD engine. Now a sought after collectors piece.)


Both on the street and on the track, Pettit have the products and the know how to improve your RX7. From minor modifications to improve performance or reliability, to fully prepped engines Pettit have what you need for your RX7.

While the UK website focusses on the RX8, due to its success in the UK and EU, to view our our full range of RX7 products, we recommend using the Pettit Racing US site to browse for what you need, or if you want advice on what will best suit your 7, use the contact form to submit any questions to us.

We are happy to provide help and support for UK/EU RX7 owners.

(Above: A Pettit prepared RX7 using our "cool power" range to optimise performance and reliability )




  further details

  • Keep your 7 lubricated with Protek R

  • Our "Cool Power" range can provide cool running for better power and reliability. The Cool Charge III intercooler system is a must for your RX7 FD

  • Pettit built RX7 race engines are now being used by Tapped Racing's Time Attack cars in the US

  • Check out Pettit Racings brand new 2010 Trak Pro coilover systems. Pettit are still developing RX7 FD tech to help you WIN!

  • Pettit Blue Print Hi Flow twin turbo kit. Revitalise and improve your cars twin turbo system with our BPHF system.

  • Pettit can prepare your RX7 for competition or the street. You decide!



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